Saturday, April 8, 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM, at the Field Museum

Genomic insights into plant ecology and evolution

We are pleased to announce the seventh year of the annual Chicago Plant Science Symposium. This series is designed bring together the plant science community of the greater Chicago area for a one day symposium that highlights the cutting edge of research in plant evolution, ecology, and conservation. The program will include lunch and a post-conference mixer. Best of all, registration is free!

The theme of the symposium this year is “Genomic insights into plant ecology and evolution”. We have invited a diverse set of speakers representing a wide range of research fields that are benefitting from the application of these new technologies and analytical methods.


Felix Grewe, The Field Museum. Mitochondrial genome evolution: trends towards extreme complexity in the plant lineage

Fay-Wei Li, Cornell University. The ferntastic genomes reveal unique evolution of ferns and cyanobacterial symbiosis

Quentin Cronk, University of British Columbia. Tracking labile sex determining regions of plants using genomics and methylomics

Alison Dawn Scott, University of Wisconsin. Polyploid evolution in Sequoioideae: The dawn of redwood phylogenomics

Matt Johnson, Chicago Botanic Garden. Building a better tree and using it wisely: phylogenomic approaches in non-model organisms

Emily Sessa, University of Florida. Taming Darwin’s incubus: Phylogenetics and floral symmetry evolution of the Core Goodeniaceae

Debashish Bhattacharya, Rutgers University. Greening of our planet: the long and short story of plastid endosymbiosis