Saturday, April 16, 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM, at the Field Museum

The Science of Conservation

The annual Chicago Plant Science Symposium highlights cutting edge research in plant biology, evolution, ecology, and conservation. Our goal is to bring together the plant science community of the greater Chicago area for a day of interesting lectures and discussion. This spring we will host the fourth annual symposium with a one-day event on Saturday, April 16, 2016 consisting of seven invited speakers. The program will include lunch and a post-conference mixer. Best of all, registration is, as always, free!

The theme of the symposium this year is the science of plant conservation. We have invited a diverse set of speakers representing a wide range of research themes and tools that inform biodiversity conservation. The presentations will illustrate research in ecology, systematics, collections and population genetics that shapes our understanding of plant biodiversity conservation.


Stuart Wagenius, Chicago Botanic Garden
The conservation biology of sex in a fragmented prairie mating scene (in 3D)
Abigail Derby-Lewis, The Field Museum Integrating climate considerations and large landscape planning into urban nature management
Victoria Sork, UCLA Landscape, ecological, and conservation genomics of Western North American Oaks
Lars Brudvig, Michigan State University Confronting contingency during biodiversity restoration
Sean Hoban, The Morton Arboretum Saving seeds: optimally planning our ex situ conservation collections to ensure species' survival
Dan Larkin, University of Minnesota Using community phylogenetics to identify gaps in plant conservation and restoration
Mary Ashley, UIC Asexual reproduction and the persistence of threatened plant species